Bird Songs and Calls

Bird Songs
Songs and calls of some New York State birds.

Bird Sounds
Describes how birds make sounds, classifies the types of sounds, and discusses what causes birds to sing.

Native Birdsongs in Color and Sound
Provides images and songs of twelve common birds of the eastern US.

Bird Audio - Songs and Calls
Listen to the songs and calls of more than 550 North American birds.

Greg Kunkel's Bird Songs
A collection of bird songs and sonograms. Includes information about how to record your own bird songs and make sonograms.

Key to Bird Calls, Songs and Sounds
An aid to identifying the sounds made by birds. Uses criteria such as whether the sound was simple or complex, musical or harsh, etc.

North American Bird Sounds
Doug Von Gausig's large collection of bird songs and calls.

Patuxent Migratory Bird Research - Bird Songs
A collection of bird songs recorded by Chandler S. Robbins and John Sauer.

The Virtual Bird - Bird Songs
Bird sound recordings by Ilkka Heiskanenscroll. (Click on name in left column to hear song.)

Wind Cave National Park
Songs and calls of birds that inhabit this national park in South Dakota.

Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas, Species Audios
Recordings of the songs and calls of Wisconsin birds.

Bird Song Mnemonics
List of mnemonics to help in learning and identifying bird songs. Sort by name of bird or by song.

Florida Bird Songs
Recordings from "Sounds of Florida's Birds" by J. W. Hardy.